Arion breast implants

In 1965 DOCTOR H.G. Arion, plastic surgeon and physician, invented 
the first inflatable prosthesis in the world. Since then, millions of women took advantage from this innovation. To this inventive genius and passionate, it was necessary to add rigor, method, creativity and perfection. It is the sum of these values that is met in every single implant today and that makes Laboratoires Arion a reference of high level to the professionals of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Create today
the breast implant of the future.

Ethics and responsibility are in our opinion key values. Our requirement: to give to the patients products of absolute reliability and adapted to their expectations.

Regarding reliability, suppleness and security, the Monobloc® breast implants of Laboratoires Arion meet the current requirements of the surgeons and of their patients.

Besides, the large range of implants offered allows one to deal with many various cases in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and this within the complete respect of the physiological characteristics of the patients.

Moreover, Laboratoires Arion commits itself to the patients with the Serenity Pack. It is a true guarantee of satisfaction for them.

The excellence of Arion, the Serenity warranty

Arion commits itself with the Serenity pack, which is a real guarantee of satisfaction for you.

The Laboratoires Arion, in case of loss of integrity of the implant envelope meaning a re-operation, replace the damaged implant free of charge, and possibly contribute to the operation charges according to the conditions of the Arion Serenity Pack.

For more information on the Serenity Pack, please ask your surgeon.

We never use hydrogel implants.