Correction of upper eyelids 750-800
Correction of lower eyelids 900-1100
Lower eyelid fat removal hernias 600-650
Upper and lower eyelid correction 1700-1800
Lipofilling in face area 1500-1700
Endoscopic forehead and eyebrow enhancement 1600
Endoscopic forehead – brow lifting + eyelid correction    1700-1900
Endoscopic lift of the middle part of the face + eyelid correction 2200-2500
Endoscopic face lift 2500-3000
Classical lift of the lower – middle part of the face 4000
Full face lift (forehead, middle and lower parts of the face) 4100-5200
Chin enhancement (price incl. implant) 1800-1900
Cheek enhancement (price incl. implants) 2100-2300
Cheeks fat reduction* 800-900
Chin reduction 2100-2300
Neck stretch (heavy neck) 3000-3300
Neck fat suction 500-900
Drooping ear correction    550-750
One ear correction 350-430